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Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 reasons why mothers love having children

I read this in the book "Be Fruitful and Multiply" by Nancy Campbell (it's actually called 101 reasons why mothers live having children but I only put the top 10) and wanted to post it here for encouragement to those with big families or soon to be big families.

1. We love receiving gifts and blessings from God.

2. Why would I ever want to turn down one if God's blessings.

3. We not only want to receive Gifts from God for ourselves, but we want to give more gifts to the world. Every child God gives us is a gift
To the world.

4. It is so exciting to see whom God will send to bless us each time.

5. I am honored for the Lord to use my womb again.

6. I love being "with child."

7. I love to see what God thinks of next. I believe each child is a precious and unique thought, with vast possibilities, straight from our
Heavenly Father. It is the most exciting thing in my life to give birth and see the new little person. There is nothing that moves me as
Much as seeing the birth of a baby.

8. I love to behold the handiwork of the Lord as a new little miracle comes forth.

9. The birth of a baby is the ultimate fulfillment of love between a husband and wife. Each child is an unbreakable bond between a father
And mother.

10. It is amazing to think that each child is a part of my beloved husband and me.