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Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm asking for a quick prayer request for our sweet little baby Emma. I found out this morning that my lab work from my midwife came back showing that I am producing antibodies due to me being RH- and Adam being Rh+. They don't know why I'm producing antibodies since I have received my Rhogam shots on time and I haven't had any accidents that would cause bleeding. I had to go get more lab work done and I'm praying that they will say it was a mistake and I have no antibodies but if I do, Baby Emma will have to be closely watched for my body is attacking her like she is a foreign object and she can become severly anemic. This could be life threatening for her and could effect my possibilities of more children.
I will keep posting the more I found out, Please keep praying!!!

The Wentworths

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